Cycle Star Chain Lubricant

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ON SALE! We have searched the world to find a lubricant that has as much technology as the Osymetric rings and we have finally found it.  This materials-based approach to fighting friction and keeping your drivetrain clean involves a series super hard nano and micro structures that are carried in a light, synthetic oil, with no wax, Teflon or other chemical additives.

Our additive creates a cleaner, stronger, hyper smooth environment by:

  • Micro scrubbing of the surface
  • Permanently Filling in Microscopic Gaps
  • Acting as a Ball Bearing Between Surfaces
  • Physically and Statically Repelling Dirt
  • Made with Freaking Lasers

Just one application delivers a pedaling experience that’s quiet beyond explanationnoticeably smoother after just a few pedals strokes, and unbelievably clean after 1000+ miles. Oil usage is reduced by 75-80%, chain life is extended by 88% making this lube cost effective as well as just plain better.

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